Eddie Cole is from Monbulk in The Dandenong Ranges east of Melbourne, Australia.
His latest EP is entitled 'Introducing The Eddie Cole Songbook'.
With a number of previous projects to his credit, this EP is the entry point to a whole house of song.
A house containing many treasures but that is strange and unknown to passersby unless they are introduced and ushered in to explore.
These tracks are accesible, polished and fit for purpose.
The opener is 'Swept Away', A 6/8 piece with overtones of Jeff Buckley and Thom Yorke.
'Count the Cost' is a heart breaker about the shattering of love's illusion.
'Wild is the wind' is a sparse vocal guitar track with Wuthering Heights as it's theme.
'Settle your Debt' is a pulsing blues riff on the theme of everything having a cost and everything requiring recompence.

This project builds upon 2016's 'The Yellingbo Recordings'.
A collation of 3 ep's recorded between 2014 and 2016 under the moniker of Yellingbo.
Fourteen tracks ranging from folk tales, love songs to hip hop tinged grooves with lyricism sparked by Gospel themes, classic literature and autobiography.

Previous to this was 2010's 'Groove Eddy Overload', an ABC Radio National album of the week upon it's release in July 2010, joining other noteworthy artists such as Gotye and Seeker Lover Keeper to have had this accolade.
The 'Overload' album was the follow up to 2008's 'It's the apocalypse, baby' which garnered reviews such as: “This is a fantastic album, from a true musical genius… ”



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