The Diary of a Song

The world is full of singer songwriters!

A visit to Facebook will confirm this.

There is post after post from musicians imploring us to come and listen to their latest opus.

The thing is, more often than not, they are amazing!

But who has the emotional resources to instantly invest in something out of the blue and with no back story?

Music is a soundtrack to something else.

It is rarely an end in itself.

It needs context, drama and struggle to provide fertile ground in which to flourish in the imagination of the listener.

With this in mind I have set about writing the 'Diary of a Song'

in the hope that it may provide some context for the actual music which for so many has been such a labour of love.

And to those artists out who may recognise their own journey in this - the account of the creation of a finished recording from the germ of the idea to the workings, reworkings, anxieties, triumphs and disasters to the final polished masterpiece!

The many ups and downs that go into the creative process.


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