Eddie Cole

Among other things, the role of the artist is to inspire, reveal, explain, humour and challenge people.
Through snatches of insight and glimpses of truth, artists comfort, uplift and involve their audience in a community of shared endeavour.
Some can peer into the soul in the midst of a troubled world of murky political waters and the shifting sands of altered thinking.
Eddie Cole is such a one.
His latest album is 'The Yellingbo Recordings'.
Fourteen tracks drawn together from three ep's recorded between 2014 and 2016 under the moniker of Yellingbo.
Yellingbo is a beautiful place in the hills east of Melbourne, Australia.
The word itself is of indigenous origin and means 'today'.
Eddie was also drawn to it's English sound of 'yelling bow' as in an archers weapon or a musician in full flight.
From this background Eddie has forged powerful and thought provoking songs which have a wonderful sense of place and purpose.
They range from folk tales, love songs to spoken word hip hop tinged grooves with inspired lyricicsm sparked by Gospel themes, classic literature and autobiography.

The Yellingbo recordings builds on an extensive back catalogue which features 'Groove Eddy Overload', an ABC Radio National album of the week upon it's release in July 2010, joining other noteworthy artists such as Gotye and Seeker Lover Keeper to have had this accolade.
The 'Overload' album was the follow up to 2008's 'It's the apocalypse, baby' which garnered reviews such as: “This is a fantastic album, from a true musical genius… ”  Laura Bethell Maverick Magazine (UK) as well as a feature on Sunday Nights (ABC Local Radio) and number two on the Sounds Like Café summer charts for 2008/09.
It comes after 2015's Gospel album 'The Rise and Fall of Babylon'.